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Enjoy some of my past discussions and topic videos.

What is the Online Consumer Journey? 

This video explains a simple breakdown of the consumer journey

Here's What You Don't Know About The Consumer Journey

This video unpacks and explains strategies to maximize conversions.​

Here are 5 Important Tips for Marketing.

Build a stronger strategy Brand with these tips.

Emails is the top way to grow customer.

This video explains how to set up an email campaign on Mailchimp.

Be Unique. Be Different.

What is your products USP?​

Why is your marketing mix important?

Build a stronger strategy with the 4 P's.

You Can't Hit Something You Don't See

When marketing and selling a product you need to establish a target.​

Be Unique. Be Different.

What is your products USP?​

Uncommon Thinkers-FIU

Ken Ninomiya featured in FIU series about innovative thinkers.

Marketing 360

Marketing today requires hitting all touch points.

Marketing Outline Plan

Great sales and marketing requires a plan.

Product Price and Positioning

Explaining the best way to market.

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