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Marketers Make A Promise. Consumers want to hear it.

Everything is marketed. People, places, things, ideas, products, services, and dreams. Marketing started long before the techniques we will discuss in this e-book were developed. Cavemen had to market fire to one another; explorers had to share the benefits of untapped land, the founding fathers of America had to help the public understand the new government. Marketing is the foundation of business, enterprise, and improvement in the quality of our lives.

Marketing is used to help educate, persuade, and offer a targeted consumer a product or service. Marketing starts with a great idea. The idea must then be converted into a tangible element that someone else can believe in. Marketers want to tell a story and have someone else believe in this story. A great marketer is a great communicator.

As a marketer, you make a promise to your consumers. Marketers must deliver on that promise every single time. Consumers expect the products and services they choose to meet their daily needs and deliver on the promise. Do not over-promise.

A marketer should work on delivering value and quality while making the product different.

Marketers want to create long-lasting relationships with their consumers and want their consumers to fall in love with them. A marketer will create this relationship with their consumers.

Consumers are always bombarded with marketing messages. As prospective consumers, they will receive a series of targeted ads based upon likes and preferences. In the age of the Internet, marketers are now able to narrow characteristics down to color preference, the type of food preferred, and even the books that are read.

Knowing consumers means getting to know what they like and dislike. A marketer must understand how their consumers want to buy their product, when they buy, under what conditions do they buy it, where they prefer to buy it, and most importantly why they buy a product. A marketer must know their consumer.

Marketing is in communication with the consumer. Marketers must say the right thing and at the right time to get consumers to do the right thing. How a marketer communicates with their consumer is essential and knowing what to say to them is equally important.

Understanding consumers is key to a marketer’s success. A targeted consumer will tell a marketer whether or not they have the product right by voting with their wallet. If a marketer is successful, the consumers will come back and help to build the business. If marketers do not understand their consumers, likely, they will not be around for a second try, and the company will not succeed.

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