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Handling Buyer Needs.

One way to get to know your Buyer is to understand what type of Buyer they are. There are generally five types of buyers. I discussed these buyer types in a previous post. These are Deciders, Champions, Buyers, Innovators, and Gatekeepers.

It's always a good idea to get to know your Buyer. Here I will cover great techniques that you can use to use to help you build a rapport with each buyer type .

Deciders: Try to deliver a favorable comparison based in fact of your products for their exacting trait. Exact numbers and facts help go a long way for their critical thinking. The Decider likes to see numbers and a benefit statement to satisfy their serious and orderly side. Always present a strong return on investment and use proper follow up to close the deal. | The Champion Buyer Needs
Handling Buyer Needs - the Champion

Champions: Deliver a strong statement about you and your company to support their "town crier" role, which will also help to build rapport. Use factual statements about your product and company to help them make their case. Do not exaggerate the truth to embellish your product. They are champion your product based on their gut instinct. They are taking a risk on you.

Buyers: Prove how this product will help their company and illustrate the margins. Use fact-based information to help close the deal and always use professionalism. Help them say "yes" to allow their agreeable side to take control. Show that you are the expert.

Innovators: Give them the tools that they need to explain how they think this product will help the company. Allow them to be creative and come up with programs and solutions around your product offering. Keep the conversation light and forward-thinking – never shut this person down. Everything is a possibility.

Gatekeepers: This is the person who is stopping you from entering the Buyer's circle. Use exact numbers to illustrate that you are serious, and you are not going to waste anyone's time. Illustrate that the product is right for the company and always show respect.

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